Florida Hiking Trails

For the hikers heading to Florida to do some exploring, there are hundreds of Florida hiking trails for you to hit and explore some of the incredible ecological diversity you can find in the state. From the shoreline to the Everglades here are some of the best hiking trails you can find in the whole state.

1. Blackwater River State Forest

Found in the northern part of the Florida National Scenic near the Alabama border. Hike along Juniper Creek and check out the massive red clay bluffs. The scenery along this trail is probably one of the best in Florida, follow the Blackwater River and the smaller tributaries along the trail.

2. Santa Rosa Island Beach Hike

Sticking in the north, check out Fort Pickens that was built way back in 1834 to protect the Pensacola Bay. This trail will take you along the beach as you go on the Gulf Islands National Seashore, this is the only part of the trail that actually follows the ocean side of the beach. Bring a towel and some sunscreen and stop and have a swim.

3. Torreya State Park

There are two different trails you can try out here, both long enough to take the entire day. First is the Torreya Challenge Loop or the Rock Creek Loop, they are seven and six miles long and both will give you a challenge. Experienced hikers will enjoy these challenging trails and you can see the rare Florida Yeo and the endangered Torreya tree. Don’t forget to see the incredible views of the Apalachicola River.  Here is a closer view of some of the trails.

4. Bulow Plantation Loop

With 12 miles of hiking trails all around the ruins of the old Bulow Plantation, check out this piece of history that was destroyed in 1836 during the Second Seminole Indian War. You can stroll shaded among some of the oldest oak trees in Florida. Go see the Fairchild Oak, it is one of the largest live oaks in Florida and it is more than 400 years old!

5. Citrus Hiking Loop

Pack a lunch and get ready for a long hike, there are more than 40 miles of trail here for the experienced hiker to explore. Located in the Withlacoochee State Forest, you can do short hikes going from one of the many access points to another. This is a challenging hike with a lot of hills, you will find different habitats to check out along the route.

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